Life Observations

Introducing the Shift List

The Shift List I’ve always been big on ‘to do’ lists but during lockdown I found myself just not wanting to do anything on any of my to do lists. I often talk to clients about the importance of taking one step at a time, doing small things that can help to make a difference […]

Preparation or optimistic denial? How do we face disaster?

Don't Stick Your Head in the Sand

In the midst of a brief Corona respite in August, The FT and The Week, ran an article titled ‘Why we Fail to prepare for disasters’. The author Tim Harford explored why, despite the predictability of many disasters, so many people (those in power as well as us mere mortals) fail to act. He explored […]

Working out our Plan B

Plan A, Plan B or Plan C. Three possible strategies.

Why is it that we are so often unhinged by the unexpected? I know I’ve been guilty in the past of thinking that ‘things’ happen to other people. Of course that’s not true and in fact ‘things’ happen to you and people you know – good things, bad things, unexpected things. Things don’t always go […]

Why do we wish time away?

Red yellow flowers

As you get older you get more aware and panicky about time going too quickly –at least I do. And with the ever diminishing time I begin to regret all the time I wished away, wishing it was 5pm, Friday night, summer, the next holiday…great long swathes of time wished away. I heard a radio […]

Climate Anxieties

Anxiety spelled on golden dice.

We are living in anxious political and environmental times and this is having a major impact on our mental health, so much so that there are ‘new’ anxiety disorders being created particularly around climate change and ‘Eco anxiety’. In June 2019 Therapy Today printed an extended transcript of an interview that was conducted by BBC […]