Individual Online Therapy

What we offer

Our individual counselling is offered via video (Zoom) or telephone. We also offer email therapy.

Carol runs the online therapy for The Mind Mob. Carol offers a friendly and flexible approach, integrating different approaches to provide the right support for each individual. Sometimes talking and exploring your thoughts and experiences is enough and at other times some tools and techniques can be useful to help build resilience and coping strategies for the future.

Carol offers a free 15 minute Zoom or telephone call so that you assess if you would like to work together.

How we work

How we work is always discussed with you to ensure we work in the most effective and supportive way for your individual needs.

Initially, sessions are usually weekly, but we offer flexibility in the frequency and timing of sessions depending on your particular circumstances. The number of sessions can also vary. We offer ongoing as well as short term counselling.

We can also provide one off single sessions which can be useful for people who have completed counselling and just need some clarity on specific issues.

Click the links below to find out more about working with video therapy or email therapy.

Is online therapy right for me?

  • Online therapy is not recommended if you are feeling suicidal or in immediate crisis. Please contact your GP or consider specialist crisis support such as the Samaritans (116 123).
  • Online therapy is also not suitable for addiction support. Either talk to your GP or contact specialist addiction support such as https//

Getting Started

  • Initial Contact

    We offer an initial 10-15 minute chat by telephone or Zoom to see if we are right for you and if online therapy is suitable for your needs. You can then decide in your own time if you would like to proceed and let us know via telephone or email.


    Once we have agreed to work together we can agree a time and method for our first session. This is called the Assessment session and is where we explore more fully your counselling needs. Ideally this would take place via video or telephone.

    Before this session you will be sent the counselling contract to agree and sign and also given payment details for the session. See here for an example counselling contract.

    We will also require some basic information including contact details and some other details about your background. See here for an example assessment form. Some of the factual contact information will be required to be completed and sent prior to the session but the open questions can be discussed together at the session.

    All paperwork is sent via email and in a password protected document.

    If we have agreed email counselling, then you will be asked to set up a ProtonMail account


    At the assessment session we can agree a plan and potential number of sessions. Please be assured that we review sessions with you on a regular basis and you are not tied into a set number of sessions.


    The process for single session therapy is slightly different – we request a telephone chat with you before arranging a single session to ensure that this is the right approach for you. We will require the counselling contract to be agreed and signed prior to the session. The assessment information will vary and include a few more questions about purpose and goals of the session to ensure that we make the most effective use of time.

    Our single sessions are always conducted via video.

  • FEES

    • Initial contact phone call/Zoom session
      (up to 15 minutes) – Free of charge
    • First session/assessment 1 hour – £45
    • Therapy session – via Video 1 hour – £55
    • Email therapy – per exchange of emails – £55

Video Therapy

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Email Therapy

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Any Questions?

If you are interested in having online counselling then please contact us for a chat.