Instant Messaging Therapy (IM)

Therapy via IM is exactly what it says – you and your counsellor will work in real time and exchange instant messages. For IM therapy we use Zoom as this is encrypted and secure. Zoom messaging works in the same way as WhatsApp or Messenger or talking via text. Unfortunately, these platforms do not offer a high enough level of security at present and so we cannot currently offer therapy via these options.

You can download a Zoom app for your phone or tablet (both Apple and Android are supported) or a desktop programme for Windows or Mac.

IM sessions last for 50 minutes – similar in length to a video session.

Security and confidentiality

When engaging in IM therapy the following considerations are important:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A safe, confidential, and private space to message where your messages cannot be seen, and you will not be interrupted by other people.
  • Up to date virus protection and password protection.

IM therapy works well in combination with either Video or email therapy.

The practicalities of organising sessions and what to do in case of technology/login failures will be discussed with your counsellor.