Thinking of trying therapy? The benefits and practicalities of our Core Shift Group

Thinking of trying therapy? The benefits and practicalities of our Core Shift Group

If you’re feeling more anxious than usual, coping with some life changes or even just feeling that you would like to find out more about possible techniques to help build future resilience and better emotional coping strategies, then our Online Core Shift Group may be a good option for you.

We felt there was a gap for those who didn’t want or need individual therapy but would like some space to talk and get equipped with some tools to help manage worries and anxiety.  The opportunity to share with others can be really beneficial, helping to normalise your feelings and to understand how others have and are coping with their concerns.

Support and exploration – not in depth therapy!

Our Shift groups are not designed to be in depth therapy – you won’t be put on the spot or expected to share your deepest thoughts – but they are an opportunity to chat with others who feel similarly and gently explore your own ways of thinking and being.  We describe the groups as a mix between individual exploration, support and education, learning some new skills and understanding about common psychological tools.


Our groups are designed to be small (around 6 people) – and run over 6 sessions via Zoom.  One session every fortnight for 3 months, each session lasting 90 minutes.  You will stay in the same group for all 6 if the sessions, so you can build understanding and trust and help to support and share with each other.

The 6 sessions are designed to cover some of the most common issues and concerns, including:

  • Coping with stress and anxiety
  • Boundary setting
  • Living with uncertainty
  • Exploration of different thinking patterns.

The groups are facilitated by Carol and Jane (both experienced counsellors) so you are in safe hands.  All groups are private, and we have a group contract that outlines group rules so that you are assured of confidentiality.

Cost is £110 (for the 6 sessions)


From our own experiences of being in groups we have found the opportunity to share and hear from others, without all the judgement or advice (usually very well meant) that we often get from friends and family, really inspiring and helpful. Our friends may tell us not to worry so much, that we’re being silly, or they try with the best intentions to fix things or advise us.  In our friendship and family groups we can be assigned a role or personality that is hard to shift away from.  The one who fixes things, or is the joker, the confident one, the insecure one….and the list goes on.   Sometimes we just need to find our way and have an outlet to talk and explore how we feel without the influence of those who love us.

Being with other people who share the same concerns and want to explore their own individual ways of thinking and being, but without any knowledge of you and your background, can be really beneficial, it allows you to just ponder who are and where you want to be.


We hope that after the 6 sessions you will be more aware of your own thinking and coping styles and find ways to better cope with changes and challenges.  The aim is that the sessions will help to build your stores of resilience and leave you with some key tools and techniques to use in the future.

Dates and times

We have 4 Core shift groups starting in the Autumn – see our timetable below of the choice of groups available.

Interested?  – Next steps

Get in touch if you are interested in taking part – email  I am very happy to chat if you are not sure if it’s the right thing for you or if you have any questions.